Tu Meke Cat Snacks Salmon (120g)

Tu Meke Friend



The perfect high protein, low carb topper and snack for your furry friend. One taste of our pure, natural New Zealand ingredients and your pet will jump for joy. Our high protein snacks packed with nutritious extras like green lip mussels make for happy, healthy pets.

Your cat will purr their heart out for this blend of lean lamb, Omega-rich salmon and green lip mussel. It supports healthy skin and coat, improved digestion and joint mobility. Also decreases food allergies.

Key Benefits:

Free Range | Low Fat | High Protein | Grain Free

  • Green lipped mussel: Anti-inflammatory and healthy joint support
  • Low Fat: Quality lean meat to keep your pet fit
  • High Protein: Packed with protein for healthy pets 
  • Grain Free: Only what your pet was born to eat
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